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Two Story Shipping Container Homes With Small Garden

The structure of the house consists of three shipping containers. Two of them are 20ft on the first floor, and one is 40ft on the second floor. About 60 sqm internal area and 53 sqm terrace area.

The shipping container house includes an entrance hall, living room, kitchen-dining room and guest bathroom on the first floor, while in the second floor there are the couple’s desk area, bedroom and master bathroom. Interior elements made from recycled materials. We have keep the floor of original container wood and terrace is made from recycled rubber tiles.

This shipping container house also has a small garden. This space was designed in compliance to own generation of energy and resources, as it allows cultivating food to have them fresh and at hand. Green wall works like natural thermal and acoustic insulator, which provides better comfort inside, and also has better performance for heat insulation.

The use of shipping containers for housing is an alternative that adopted to build homes, apartments or houses for temporary using houses. Shipping containers can be use for mining camps, hospitals and offices. In this case, a shipping container, being a modular system component, becomes a fundamental part of design and can adapt without any problem to customer needs and tastes.

Among the advantages of this design, there are highlights in its self-supporting condition. Shipping containers are marine systems whose function is to transport cargo for long distance, this means shipping containers are very structurally resistant, and they are also prepared to resist extreme temperatures.These characteristics convert containers in very adaptable systems. It’s possible to use it for different projects, such as construction of homes once they have been discharged, if you plan to ever increase the number of rooms at home, you can increase the number of containers.

There are 10 solar panels on the roof. Ten solar panels reduces the electrical consumption of the house by more than 25% in the local climate, and also allows to illuminate the terrace and the garden, outside the house. In remote areas, customized electrical system can supply enough energy to make the house totally off grid.